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MINT™ PDO: One Solution to Reverse Your Skin Aging

At Forever Young Wellness and Medical Spa, Along with Botox, fillers and other skin rejuvenation methods, we offer MINT™ PDO thread-lift, one of the most trusted and highly opted solution these days. Unlike other thread lift treatments this is a dissolvable yet strong thread. The term mint stands for minimally invasive non-surgical treatment. As the name suggests the person don’t undergo severe pain or longer downtime. In fact, this in-office solution is highly effectual with negligible downtime. Basically, if you are a busy person who wants to resume his work immediately after the treatment then this can be your right alternate over other methods. If, you opt for the right specialist with expertise and experience then undoubtedly the results will surprise you.


How MINT™ PDO Works

The only thing to remember here is that the person undergoing this treatment should neither have very thick or thin skin layer. Here, the thread has to be placed underneath your skin so, its thickness matters for the process. Most of all, if you compare MINT™ PDO thread lift with others then you will see that it gives better and natural looking results. Earlier the threads used under various skin lifting process used to be lifted in one direction thus gives you 2 dimensional results. However, this is the thread that can be used in two different directions thus to give your skin 3-dimensional look. It means now you can avail natural looking wrinkle free skin.

Why you should choose MINT™ PDO at Forever Young Wellness & Medical Spa in Victria, Tx

Dr. Verma is one of the top Skin experts in Victoria, Texas. At Verma Beauty we have experienced team who always deliver best results in terms of skincare and beauty treatments. Some people might think that the process is beneficial for facial skin lift but here the thing to mention is that, At Verma Beauty, you can get this MINT™ PDO thread lift on face, neck, and body. This treatment is suitable for every skin and every part of the body. It is a long-lasting treatment that will give you smooth and radiant look.

To know more about MINT™ PDO Thread Lift, a Member from Dr. Verma’s team will have a consultation session with you to diagnosis your skin type and specific issues to suggest the best solution for you.

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