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Get Familiar with BioTE®


BioTE® is a hormone-replacement treatment that controls the effects of aging on your body. Dr. Verma and his team ensure to provide you with a patient-specific treatment that is extremely effective.

How to Identify the Need for BioTE®?


It takes a slight hormonal imbalance to affect your body’s functions and over time if not corrected it could have severe negative effects. You’ll find yourself lacking in energy, losing mental clarity, being irritable, and even gaining weight. BioTE® hormone replacement treatment is one of the best treatment plans to combat these problems effectively and safely.

Looking Through Its Procedure


The plant-based, Bio-identical hormones are organic substances that your body metabolizes easily. BioTE® is a customizable treatment that treats the unique symptoms personally. To know if you are suitable for this treatment, consult with our specialists today.

A Beneficial Hormone-Replacement Treatment


The BioTE® treatment provided at Forever Young Wellness and Medical Spa is beneficial for all the men and women who are facing the following problems.

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