When You Look Good,
You Feel Good.

What is Kybella®? 


Whether your double chin has come as a result of natural aging, weight gain, or even if it is genetic, make it vanish by getting rid of the fat stores underneath your chin. We melt your double chin away at Forever Young Wellness and Medical Spa with the help of Kybella®.

How Does Kybella® Work?


Deoxycholic acid is an active ingredient in Kybella® that destroys the fat cells. When injected into your chin, it gets rid of the fat cells and brings out highly noticeable changes on your face. Once the fat cells are removed, they can no longer accumulate fat in your chin region, the results are a permanent change in your appearance.

Acquire the Physical and Emotional Benefits

The treatment makes you feel more confident about yourself and makes you love the definition of your face even more, plus your side profile is sure to look super sharp and chiseled, the credit would go to the Kybella® treatment provided at Forever Young Wellness and Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas. 

Free Consultation

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