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Excess hair can be a big hassle to deal with and for most people is a major hit to their confidence. Although there are many hair removal options at home they’re usually not long-lasting and if the individual is not careful they can end up with many scratches, bumps, and bruises. At Forever Young Wellness and Medical Spa, we offer you a long-term option that for some individuals could be a permanent solution.

How Does The Hair Removal Procedure work?


The way Laser Hair removal works is by the use of technology that very gently concentrates a beam of light over the skin to weaken the individual hair follicles, this happens when the pigment in the hair absorbs the light and is weakened. The ideal situation is where the roots of the hair no longer support the growth of hair at that spot in the process providing you with a long-term or permanent solution.

Commonly treated areas for LHR

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